Relive your happiest memories that will take you back to that exact moment in time

Get or gift a one-of-a-kind QR code audio or video bracelet, keychain, ornament, or our unique “mitties”. Turn your video or voice message into an extraordinary piece of wearable art for yourself or for your loved ones. Simply send us your favorite video or voice note, and enjoy a secure memory that you can play over and over again for a lifetime!
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Create or turn your most cherished videos into unique wearables in just 4 steps


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A new concept of sharing with loved ones in a more interactive way.

Unleash your memories with our QR coded keychains, bracelets, and ornaments. With a range of designs and materials to choose from, find the perfect way to preserve your memory.



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Choose the items you would like to purchase and select your desired audio or video option for each product.


Put a tangible feel to your precious memory.

With no time restrictions on audio files and the option for 1 minute video files, your memories are safe with us.


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Once you have chosen your items, click the "Add to Cart" button for each product. Review the itemized list in your cart to make sure everything is correct.


Customize and create the order to fit your cherished memory.

Customize your memories by adding a special occasion or date to remember. Personalize your order and make it unique to you. We custom make each order with love and care.


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In the cart, upload your audio or video files for each product. Then proceed to checkout and enter your payment information to complete your purchase.


Experience those moments time and time again.

Secure your memories for a lifetime by completing your purchase. With our easy checkout process, you can relive your memories in an instant.

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