The Diamond


Place the “Diamond” on your funeral cards or brochures so that everyone who takes one will be able to play a memory of the deceased anytime they wish. This is a digital product only! The QR code will be generated immediately and will be printed on your receipt at checkout. From there, you can copy, paste, and send the code to your printer to have your cards or brochures printed in your short time frame.  The code size should be a minimum of  5/8″ or .625″ when printing. ***No physical item will be sent. For best results, do not place a photo close to the QR code so that a camera will know what to scan. 

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The Diamond!
When you upload your audio or video file (in the cart section) we’ll convert it to a QR code for you to print it on all the items you choose. *Please note that the audio file has no time limit and a video file is up to 5 minutes maximum.

To view or play when you receive your item, place your phone camera over the code, wait until the code is in focus, then press the Mill Creek Memories button, then press play! *must have internet service to play

Only those who have this code can access your content because it’s safely stored on a private secure server.

The Diamond is a digital product only.  No physical item will be sent. It is meant to be mass printed with a QR code to house your live audio or video memory that will live on forever via each print. 

About Us
We all want to keep a piece of our loved ones with us, but sometimes it can be hard to find the right way to do that.

Yet, it’s those little reminders of our loved ones that can make us smile, especially when we miss them.

Mill Creek Memories was born out of the idea that we should all have a way to carry a reminder of our loved ones with us wherever we go.

We specialize in creating beautiful, bespoke keepsakes in memory of our closest family members and friends with QR technology embedded in them so that we can revisit the memories we treasure the most.

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